New Autumn Collections

Come and view the new gorgeous autumn collections as they arrive.We are having deliveries most days.As well as our usual brands you will see a few new ones such as Dranella, Quinn and Donnally, Nancy Mac and more. Also If you want any summer bargains,the spring/summer collections are now down to half price or less.
Look forward to seeing you soon.

Anna Perena Summer Sale Now On

With the weather set to improve over the next week or so. At last we may be getting some sunshine .Which is a much needed tonic after the last two months of rain. You might want to look at Anna Perena’s summer sale which is now on. 25% off all spring /summer collections.
Autumn collections are starting to arrive.Brochures are available.New collections will be on the web site soon.So keep looking.

Website Update

We have updated our website for the new year, adding among other things this recent news section. Here you will find all the latest news from Anna Perena including the arrival of new collections, the start of sales, late night opening dates, and much more. You can have updates emailed to you by clicking on subscribe above and fill in your details.