Spring collections are already arriving, and selling fast. Brighten up your wardrobe with some lovely new spring styles.

taken from Part Two Spring catwalk

Festive late night shopping

We are participating in Glossop’s Thursday late night shopping evenings, in the lead up to christmas, which should have begun last Thursday, but due to the extreme weather conditions, had to be held off until this coming Thursday. So you could pop in on your way home from work and pick up a few christmas gifts. We have gifts from £10, and we will even gift wrap them for you. Look forward to seeing you.

Christmas gifts starting from as little as £10

We have lots of lovely gift ideas including scarves, jewellery, bags and much much more. With prices starting at as little as £10 you can’t afford to miss out. You can even request that we gift wrap them for you. Then all you need to do is hand the gift over at christmas. That’s if you don’t decide to keep it for yourself…These are from our 'Danon' range

Do we really dress in catwalk trends?

Stella Mccartney spring 2010Stella Mccartney spring 2010Stella Mccartney spring 2010Stella Mccartney spring 2010Stella Mccartney spring 2010Stella Mccartney spring 2010

Although women interested in fashion follow today’s trends, I don’t think the majority of us shop the catwalks for a head-to-toe look: apart from celebrities in the thrall of a stylist or earning the pay of the latest ‘Big Brand’ dress, and young fashionistas wanting fast throw-away fashion. Nor do I believe that we should all change our identity with each new season. In short, we do observe trends and nod to them, but don’t entirely follow them. We can be influenced by the looks laid down by today’s designers, without being a slave to them. It is about feeling good and looking individual, by putting your own twist on a look or outfit. The trends have never been more accessible than they are today, with the use of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and all the glossy fashion magazines, giving us all a live stream of up-to-the-minute looks, advice and catwalks at our fingertips.

We should make fashion fit us now, not the other way around. In the midst of a ‘credit crunch’, which we are hopefully now showing signs of recovering from. One thing is for sure, our shopping habits have changed. We are now looking for items that will instantly update our wardrobe, focussing a little more on durability and wearability. We want items with timeless aesthetics that transcend the seasons. It’s all about how you want to look as an individual. It’s about not wanting to wear what everyone else is, and feeling confident to do so.

Trends will always be the drivers of fashion, and there are some amazing designers out there creating them for us, but being individual enables us to cherry-pick items that work for us.

Snow News

Hi everyone.
Looks like we might be in for the big thaw now. Fingers crossed. We should therefore be able to remain open as usual. We will of couse keep you all informed of any changes, if the weather deteriorates. Thank you for your patience.

Snow Shop Closures

Wed 6th Jan: I will endevour to let you know if I have made it into work on a daily basis, to avoid any wasted trips to the shop. The snow has been really quite bad where I live in Saddleworth and this morning I was unable to travel in, as my car had been burried under snow pilled onto it by the snow plough. So far today it has not snowed again, so hopefully I will be in tomorrow as usual. Sorry for any inconvienience this may have caused. Please feel free to contact us through the web site by email.
Kind regards

Emma x